Indivior e-detailing

Case Study

Project Title

Indivior e-detailing

The Brief

  1. Create an engaging and educational application to inform medical practitioners on the benefits and suitable use of a pharmaceutical product.
  2. The app needed to be well presented, intuitive, and effectively communicate a body of information.

The Challenge

  1. The information to be communicated was wide ranging - pharmaceutical method of action (MOA), trial data, suitable and unsuitable candidates.
  2. The information needed to be communicated in a range of formats, from fully interactive 3D to 2D Graphs and charts.
  3. This had to be done in a single narrative-led user journey.


Our Approach

   After consulting with Pharmiweb we set about designing and testing a technical solution that could meet their designs and ambitions.

   We found a method of taking the user through 2D and 3D environments in a linear route with a simple scrolling action. At various points along the route the user can interact with their surroundings, viewing different screens, or using the mobile gyro function to inspect 3D objects from any angle by tilting their device around.

   Using the 2D sprites in a 3D environment gave us a quick method of integrating high quality art in an engaging way. This allowed us to create a rich and emotive narrative, with high quality graphics in a cost-effective budget.


The Result

   The user-journey (in this case quite literally) takes you through a 3D space, constructed of 2D and 3D elements enriched with information such as text, images and graphs.

   Complex concepts in the 3D MOA section are explained and demonstrated to the user, and affords them the freedom to explore multiple situations to improve understanding.

   The end result is a successful combination of good user-engagement with rich information. It gives the user a solid overview of the product in a memorable and succinct experience.

End Client


A global pharmaceutical company working to help change patients’ lives by pioneering life-transforming treatment for addiction and other serious mental illnesses.

Partners/Intermediary Clients

PharmiWeb Solutions is a specialist digital solutions provider.

A Unity Development Studio

Operating System






Delivery Time

8 Weeks

Asset Leverage

Assets / Embedded Media


E-learning / Educational / Marketing
Increasing awareness of treatment options for opioid addiction.
Raising brand awareness.
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