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As a 3D artist I bring over two decades of experience in creating and designing interactive digital media.

I have a proven track record with a range of skill sets in realtime graphics. As a generalist I have worked in a variety of capacities from modelling, texturing and lighting, animation, environment art, interaction design and UI/UX and basic visual programming.

My specialism is using Unity to create cross-platform, interactive applications for marketing, training and E-learning purposes.

Under the trading name Inhouse Visuals I have worked successfully with large and small businesses across a wide range of sectors from architecture and industrial design to healthcare and education. I am passionate about using games technology to push boundaries in the non-gaming space.

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Core services

Bread & butter.

1Asset creation
  • Creation from new - 3D geometry, animation, textures, shaders ...
  • Conversion from existing - Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, Inventor, Solidworks,  3DSMax, Rhino, Sketchup ...
  • Optimisation - geometry optimisation and reduction, SetPass call reduction, batching, LOD (level of detail) creation, platform targeting, occlusion culling ...
2Interaction and behaviour
3Scene composition

Case Studies

The Why, What and How.

Marketing / Training / E-Learning
Indivior E-Detailing

An engaging and informative app for the iPad Pro. This e-detailing app is targeted at a very specific set of users in the medical field and provides them with information and data to help inform them of available treatment options, and the how, when and why to use them.
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Visualisation / Design
Vejle Kommune

This city-wide visualisation tool helped improve the planning process through all stages - from design, to public consultation and eventually approval. It facilitated discussion throughout and enabled clearer and more responsive communication with stakeholders, architects and the public.
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Marketing / Visualisation
Airbus VR Experience

Airbus wanted a mind blowing VR experience as part of their efforts to digitise their trade show displays. We crafted the 3D environments and events that demonstrate the capabilities of their aircraft and services in a number of exciting scenerios.
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Happy Clients

Big and small, local and wide.

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