Airbus VR Experience 2016-2018

Case Study

The Brief

  1. Demonstrate Airbus’ use of emerging technology and showcase their products and capabilities.
  2. Showcase the functionality of full-size aircraft within the confines of a trade show.
  3. Minimise stand space thereby reducing costs.
  4. Deliver a unique and memorable user experience.

The Challenge

  1. Create a number of short and highly immersive VR experiences.
  2. Demonstrate a wide range of Airbus products and capabilities in real world scenarios.
  3. Aim at casual users using user-friendly interaction with minimal simulator sickness.


Our Approach

Working closely as part of a much larger team we were involved in beginning to end production of a number of scenarios.

Scenarios were first grey boxed and tested for usability, impact and whether they successfully demonstrated the capabilities Airbus wanted to show. We worked closely with the other team members and stakeholders during development to refine and improve the experience and verify we are meeting the project requirements.

Assets and environments were created from CAD reference material, from existing game-ready assets, or from the ground up. The project made use of a wide range of custom and purchased assets, effects and tools.

Assets, VFX, SFX and animations were scripted into an action sequence for each scenario. Punctuated by user interaction and engagement in the scenario.


The Result

In 2016 visitor numbers increased significantly from previous years. Airbus was able to decrease its floor space requirement by 75% whilst effectively reaching their audience in a professional and exciting new light. The quality of the final product delivered the ‘wow’ factor that was Airbus’ main requirement and we were involved in follow up VR Experiences in the following years.

End Client


Airbus is an international reference in the aerospace sector.

Partners/Intermediary Clients


Render is an immersive innovation agency.

... a tour de force of the immersive arts, drawing the user into believing they were wearing a spacesuit on the surface of the planet.

Kevin Williams -

Operating System





Virtual Reality

Delivery Time

12 Weeks

Asset Leverage

Existing CAD / Assets / Embedded Media
28,000 Impressions - Estimated from 2016 DSEI visitor numbers of 32,000.
75% felt more positively about Airbus.
80% stated that VR helped their understanding of Airbus.
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