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We make imagery, animations and apps

Inhouse Visuals have over 20 years of combined creative and technical experience providing high quality results for your marketing and media materials. Our award winning team work closely with you to deliver outstanding results tailored to your needs.


Our aim is to create happy clients by simply delivering a high quality service for you.

Interactive Apps

We work fast to your budget and timeframe to provide best value for money for your project.

VR Experiences

Our experienced team and latest hardware give you the reliability to deliver that you need.


Here's a selection of recent work that we've carried out.

VR for trade shows

It's a great way to stand out in a crowd and leave the audiance with a lasting impression. Discover the right way to use virtual reality at a trade show, even
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AR visualisations

The embodiment of 'show, don't tell'. Augmented reality gives an intuitive and tactile way of inspecting designs and can be widely distributed in app' form.
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Virtual training / E-learning

There are all sorts of benefits from switching your training into a virtual format - from reduced cost, to better pass through rates and retention.
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Recent Works

Here's some of the work we've done.
Training · E-learning
training scenerio simulation
vrstudio___cave visualisation planning design architecture urban_design

About Us

Inhouse Visuals is a full-service creative studio for 3D development. We serve as your external development partner, bringing our experience of games and interactive technology to help you reach your specific company goals.

Happy Clients

We've had the pleasure of working with all sorts of great clients from small enterprises to internationals, and operating in a broad range of sectors. We've served over 50 clients as either first, second or third tier suppliers in Europe and North America.
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